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As a teacher for over 20 years and a leader in using Minecraft in classrooms throughout Australia and New Zealand, I have developed a Project Based Learning Curriculum that is aligned with the NSW Learning Outcomes (as specified in numerous Syllabus documents).

More specifically, the curriculum taught at World of Minecraft attains the goals as indicated by the Australian K-10 General Capabilities.

The ICT Capability framework is a benchmark of our lessons. 

There are 5 organising elements in the ICT Capability:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Investigating with ICT

  • Creating with ICT

  • Communicating with ICT

  • Managing and Operating ICT


Each of these organising elements can be aligned to any unit topic/teaching program.

More information about the ICT General Capability can be found on the
Australian Curriculum website.

ICT Capability

Every Club and Camp contains coding activities and challenges that students are to complete. All lessons are personalised for the immediate needs of my students.


Should students require additional learning support or are identified as Gifted and Talented, they will all be able to attempt (and complete) the work at a level that best suits them.


All of the work that we complete is documented on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For more information on how Minecraft can be used to support learning in a school context, please read my published research paper:

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