Minecraft plays a critical role in a child's learning. Within Australia, Minecraft plays a critical role in students achieving learning outcomes as set in the Australian Curriculum. This is achieved, not only via Minecraft Education, but all Minecraft versions as they permit students to learn how to code using block-based coding, python and JavaScipt. Additionally, Minecraft helps children learn problem-solving techniques, learn how to read and write as well as help them solve math problems. 

Minecraft teaches children how to manage resources, the benefits of teamwork, and learn about history and geography. Most importantly, Minecraft can help to improve a child’s confidence and can improve a child’s creativity and imagination.

Noelene has created endless resources and training modules for teachers in Australia and New Zealand to effectively implement Minecraft in their teaching programs.

All of the programs that are run by World of Minecraft are unique as they are developed by a Microsoft appointed Global Minecraft Mentor (Noelene Callaghan). Whilst our programs are designed to help students learn to code and develop their creativity skills, building friendships and having fun is the premise of all classes! All staff are double vaccinated and contain a current working with children's check (we are all in fact teachers). We also cater for students with special needs and make sure that their experience with us is just as amazing as everyone elses!

What our clients (your kids) say about World of Minecraft


"It was so fun!"

"This (Minecraft Camp) was my birthday present and it is the best present I have ever received"

"I learned so much and made so many new friends"

"I did things (builds) that I never did before and never knew that I could do"

"It was awesome. I cant wait to come again next school holidays"

"I never knew how to use commands before. I cant wait to show my friends"

"It was sic"

What our clients (parents) say about World of Minecraft


"​​Thank you Noelene. He absolutely loved it!! Great work"  

"My son had an absolute ball and loved it"

"It was a great camp, my daughter really enjoyed and loved it"

"The children came home day one very excited and couldn't wait for day two. We drove from Wilton and feel it was definitely worth the drive. We will be going to the next Minecraft Camp at Wilton Public School (next school holidays)"

"My boys both enjoyed themselves. They’ve even asked to return if you hold another one so I think that speaks for itself!"

"The kids loved the camp and did learn from it. They also enjoyed winning prizes" 

"It's not often positive feedback is given, and I really wanted you to know that my kids seriously had an awesome two days with you! The location was excellent, and it was run really well. We hope to attend the next camp, so please let me know if there is another school holiday camp next term, my kids would love to join you again"


​"Oh wow! How amazing! I'm so upset that I missed booking my son in for the holidays!"

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for running such a fun camp for your fellow Minecrafters. My kids had an absolute blast, and are already pestering me to let them go to the next Minecraft camp, if there is one! They are enjoying all their gifts as well, and have proudly showed me all the things they have created in their Minecraft worlds" 

"My son thoroughly enjoyed Minecraft camp. He couldn’t stop talking about it and is looking forward to next holidays!!!"