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A collaborative educational experience between the Land and Housing Corporation and World of Minecraft to educate students at Red Hill Public School about the Tolland Renewal Project.

Students at Red Hill Public School will explore the newly renewed Wagga Wagga suburb "Tolland" using 2D planning documents and 4D in Minecraft Education. This purpose built world was created in Minecraft Education to provide future generations the opportunities that new suburbs have to offer.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 172340.png
Minecraft Tolland_edited.jpg

Over 400 students from Red Hill Public School will participate in the Minecraft workshop over 2 days. World of Minecraft built the suburb in Minecraft Education so that students at Red Hill Public School could access it via their school devices whilst at school.


This resource is designed to provide all teachers and students with teaching and learning materials, technical information and resources to prepare them for the workshop. 

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