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Students enrolled at Red Hill Public School will attend and participate in a workshop that focuses on the renewal of a local suburb - Tolland. This new estate has been crafted in Minecraft Education so that students can experience what the new suburb will offer for its residents and neighbouring communities.

Students will have the opportunity to collaboratively build new houses, develop the local park and contribute to infrastructure that is necessary in any new community area. Students will work in their class groups led by their classroom teacher. 


  • Students are to know/have access to their department email address and password to be able to log-in to Minecraft Education (

  • Check that the most up-to-date Minecraft Education V1.20.12 has been installed correctly on their device (practice by checking that Minecraft Education opens and that they can log-in).

  • Be involved in conversations with their teacher about positive game play, rules and expectations whilst using Minecraft Education.

  • Understand that their game mode in the workshop will be:

    • Creative

    • Crafting in a Peaceful world

    • The daylight cycle will be turned on

    • Set to having no mobs, no Fire Spreads, no TNT explodes

    • Set for and Mob Loot' will be turned off

    • Set to Member

  • If students break the rules, damage or grief the work of other students, their teacher will be able to kick them out of the world or turn them into a 'Visitor'.

  • One class per session will be joining Noelene's world. This will be projected onto the screen for everyone to see and be recorded.

  • If students have never accessed Minecraft/Minecraft Education, they can use this 'cheat card' to assist them with moving around the world.


Introducing Noelene

How to join your teacher

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