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All activities that you complete in Minecraft Education can be linked to the Australian Curriculum. 

There is much information on the Minecraft Education website that demonstrates how the existing lessons on there are already linked.

If you are creating your own unit of work, there are many ways that it can be aligned to the Curriculum. Firstly, determine if the task at hand fits into a holistic school teaching program or if it fits into a a single unit. This will be dependent on numerous factors, such as the type of school you work at (primary or high school), if its a stage or faculty based task, if there is school 'buy-in' of Minecraft Education and the cohort of students that you are working with. 

For many schools implementing innovative technologies, gamification and (STEM) resources, a learning trajectory is an essential consideration. 


K-12 ICT Learning Trajectory

This is essentially the pathway for how schools will introduce and use technology for their students. if your school doesn't have an ICT Trajectory, it is best to work with your ICT Committee or executive team to develop on that best suits your school. There is no 'one-fit' model that works for all schools. When developing a trajectory, it is easiest to backward map from where students need to be at the completion of a stage and then determine what skills they need to attain that. Using the ICT Capabilities is the best tool to use to achieve this. It is also highly recommended that you begin with the existing pedagogy and find the technology that supports learning outcomes, and not have technology lead the direction of pedagogy.

Here is an example of an ICT Learning Trajectory that has been implemented in a NSW DoE primary and high school:


These ICT Learning Trajectories take into consideration your cohort of students and their ICT skills, literacy levels and overall cognitive abilities. 

It also uses the ICT General Capability (from the Australian Curriculum) as a basis for planning.


It can be tricky to embed the capabilities into our teaching practices, particularly when we are outcome driven and many school-based focuses and priorities that also need to be included into our teaching programs. Fortunately Minecraft Education enables you (the teacher) to set any task with confidence that it is being attained. 


There are 5 organising elements in the ICT Capability:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT 

  • Investigating with ICT

  • Creating with ICT

  • Communicating with ICT

  • Managing and Operating ICT


Each of these organising elements can be aligned to your unit topic/teaching programs (as seen below).

More information about the ICT General Capability can be found on the Australian Curriculum website

How does Minecraft Education link to the ICT Capability by KLA?

[click on your subject area for the ICT Capability technology alignment, Minecraft Education alignment and alignment per organising element]

In the Australian Curriculum: English. Students use ICT when they interpret and create print, visual and multimodal texts. They use communication technologies when they conduct research online, and collaborate and communicate with others electronically. In particular, they use ICT to access, analyse, modify and create hybrid, digital and multimodal texts, using digital publishing.

As students interpret and create digital texts, they develop their capability in ICT including word processing programs and other software, navigating and following research trails and selecting and evaluating information found online.


In Minecraft Education: 

  • It permits the interpretation and creation of print, visual and multimodal texts

  • Students can  collaborate and communicate with others electronically

  • It permits the development of using ICT software and navigating within it

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