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World of Minecraft is the first of its kind! It's an exciting new community where Minecraft enthusiasts can come together to learn, create, build and play. And on top of this, we are already being recognised as a leader in education by WINNING the 2023 Highly Commended Award for Disability Inclusion, WINNING the 2022 Local Business Awards in Educational Services as well as a FINALIST in numerous categories by 2023, 2022 and 2021 Local Business Awards, Small Business Champion Awards, Small Business Women's Champion Awards, Western Sydney Women's Awards, and by the Australian Ladies in Business Initiative Awards.

What makes us so amazing? We are real teachers who can excite children into learning without them even realising it. Our World of Minecraft Classroom at Bella Vista is fully immersive (which means that it looks like you have stepped into Minecraft) enhancing your child's senses and learning experience. We support the learning of children with all ability levels and those with disability. In addition to learning how to code, students learn to be creative, use critical thinking skills, develop soft skills, and learn how to collaborate using gamification. Our students return every term (or every year to each camp) and the feedback we receive from parents is just sensational!


Minecraft plays a critical role in a child's learning. Within Australia, Minecraft plays a critical role in students achieving learning outcomes as set in the Australian Curriculum. This is achieved, not only via Minecraft Education, but all Minecraft versions as they permit students to learn how to code using block-based coding, python and JavaScipt. Additionally, Minecraft helps children learn problem-solving techniques, learn how to read and write as well as help them solve math problems. 

Minecraft teaches children how to manage resources, the benefits of teamwork, and learn about history and geography. Most importantly, Minecraft can help to improve a child’s confidence and can improve a child’s creativity and imagination.

Noelene has created endless resources and training modules for teachers in Australia and New Zealand to effectively implement Minecraft in their teaching programs.

All of the programs that are run by World of Minecraft are unique as they are developed by a Microsoft appointed Global Minecraft Mentor (Noelene Callaghan). Whilst our programs are designed to help students learn to code and develop their creativity skills, building friendships and having fun is the premise of all classes! All staff are double vaccinated and contain a current working with children's check (we are all in fact teachers). We also cater for students with special needs and make sure that their experience with us is just as amazing as everyone else's!


At Minecraft Club, students will learn how to code, craft, and build using Minecraft as well as develop gamification skills that are vital in the traditional classroom and to new emerging jobs. We focus on collaboration and encouraging our students to work with like-minded students. We also help students develop their literacy and numeracy skills through the way our program is developed.​

The same program is delivered Face-to-Face as well as Online via Zoom. All students need is a device (anything portable like an iPad, laptop, switch, phone, tablet) with any version of Minecraft and we will do the rest. (We have wifi for our Face-to-Face classes). Our programs are best suited for children aged 5-12 and we cater to children with special needs! Our classes run for 1 hour throughout the school term (typically 10 weeks). All activities are designed to include code (students learn 1 line of code a week that they immediately put to use), crafting and collaboration that caters to all ability levels and needs. Collaborative and individual worlds are available for you to experience.

Owned and operated by a Certified Global Minecraft Mentor, you will receive the best experience in Minecraft and learn how to build, craft, code, challenge and computate algorithms as seen in STEM and other subjects.

Check out our learning here.

Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted for Face-to-Face classes. All of our Online classes are recorded and shared via YouTube and Facebook.


Minecraft Camp is designed for those who want to take Minecraft to a whole new level. ​This 1 or 2 day intensive camp will further your skills in coding and constructing to win individual challenges as well as learn from the worlds best about the latest Minecraft builds that are taking shape. Suitable for all ability levels!


All Minecraft Camps are run during the NSW school holidays. Locations vary each school holidays. All Minecraft Camps run from 9am-3pm (parents are asked to drop them off and collect their child/ren at the end of the day). Open to all students aged 5-13 years (K-6) and children with special learning needs can be catered for. ​Places are limited! Students are to bring their own device (anything portable like an iPad, laptop, switch, phone, tablet) with any version of Minecraft and lunch. We will take care of the wifi.

Prizes and awards will be awarded to the most innovative builds and ideas based on the curriculum that we set. 

Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted. Photos are taken at our Minecraft Camps and are shared via Facebook.


This program is similar to the Minecraft Club that we offer students outside of school hours. It is tailored to suit the needs of children who are Home Schooled. This program is delivered during school hours for 1.5 hours a week throughout the school term. All students need is any version of Minecraft (and Zoom if they are joining us online).

Children with special learning needs can be catered for. ​Places are limited!  

​Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted. 


Noelene Callaghan is a widely renowned Certified Global Minecraft Mentor. Noelene has extensive experience developing and delivering the highest quality Minecraft tuition, to both students and teachers. Noelene has been a teacher in NSW public schools for over 20 years and has worked in both primary and high schools. Noelene also worked for NSW Department of Education to help new schools use their technology whilst implementing digital pedagogies. Noelene's expertise in ICT has led to her to win numerous global awards.  


Noelene has developed a curriculum specifically for World of Minecraft to support the developmental needs of her students to help them progress through school in coding, literacy, numeracy, critical and creativity and more.  Our curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum that all Australian schools follow. All activities and challenges are tailored to cater for students of all ability levels and needs. Collaborative and individual worlds are available for all students to experience.

Noelene and all staff are fully vaccinated and have a current WWCC. World of Minecraft is compliant with all NSW Health regulations.


World of Minecraft can support you (with fee payment) as well as support your child’s needs in our classes. We are NDIS friendly, meaning that our programs may meet your goals as the criteria we meet include:

  • Group and Centre Based Activities 

  • Participating in community/social and civic activities 

  • Innovative Community Participation 


We are also a NSW Service Creative Kids Provider. Each semester, Service NSW is issuing a $50 Active and Creative Kids Voucher to all parents. Redeem them before their expiry date to assist with fees.

What our clients (your kiddies) say about World of Minecraft


"It was so fun!"

"This (Minecraft Camp) was my birthday present and it is the best present I have ever received"

"I learned so much and made so many new friends"

"I did things (builds) that I never did before and never knew that I could do"

"It was awesome. I cant wait to come again next school holidays"

"I never knew how to use commands before. I cant wait to show my friends"​

What our clients (parents) say about World of Minecraft


"​​Thank you Noelene. He absolutely loved it!! Great work"  

"My son had an absolute ball and loved it"

"It was a great camp, my daughter really enjoyed and loved it"

"The children came home day one very excited and couldn't wait for day two. We drove from Wilton and feel it was definitely worth the drive. We will be going to the next Minecraft Camp at Wilton Public School (next school holidays)"

"My boys both enjoyed themselves. They’ve even asked to return if you hold another one so I think that speaks for itself!"

"The kids loved the camp and did learn from it. They also enjoyed winning prizes" 

"It's not often positive feedback is given, and I really wanted you to know that my kids seriously had an awesome two days with you! The location was excellent, and it was run really well. We hope to attend the next camp, so please let me know if there is another school holiday camp next term, my kids would love to join you again"


​"Oh wow! How amazing! I'm so upset that I missed booking my son in for the holidays!"

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for running such a fun camp for your fellow Minecrafters. My kids had an absolute blast, and are already pestering me to let them go to the next Minecraft camp, if there is one! They are enjoying all their gifts as well, and have proudly showed me all the things they have created in their Minecraft worlds" 

"My son thoroughly enjoyed Minecraft camp. He couldn’t stop talking about it and is looking forward to next holidays!!!"

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