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There are over 50 different worlds in Minecraft Education Edition that students can access and use to learn.

Each world provides students with insight into the terrain, the fauna and flora and much much more. The worlds allow students to explore, contribute to its build and develop skills (such as literacy, math, science etc) that are specific to that particular world. Each of these worlds include suggested lesson plans, student activities and a list of skills students will attain. 

Here are some of the many available;


In addition to these already-established worlds, there are native built-in worlds in Minecraft Edition which are plain and simple to use. These worlds are called:

  • Flat

  • Infinite


Flat World


Infinite World

Which world should I use to teach?

Beginner (aka Newb [short for newbie, new person to Minecraft Education]): 

  • If you are new to Minecraft Education, the best world to start with is a FLAT world. This is best to learn the ropes, introduce your students to the game and set some class player rules. 

  • However, if you are completing a specific lesson, it is best to use the assigned world. Dont worry if you dont know too much about how to 'play' in Minecraft Education - your students will help you (and this resource will help you set up the world).


Pro (aka professional [you have used Minecraft Education quite a lot for teaching and learning purposes]): 

  • Go ahead and use any world. Just be mindful of your students capabilities.

Which world should I use to learn?

  • There are 2 worlds that you can learn how to play in Minecraft. The Tutorial World and the Flat Worlds are best. 

  • The Tutorial World provides you with step by step instructions of how to move, create a recipe (make things) and much much more. Please note that this world is in Survival.

Which world is best to use coding activities from Code Builder?

  • Code Builder is built in to Minecraft Education. 

  • If you are completing these activities, it is best to use a flat world.

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