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Getting started with Minecraft

Getting started with Minecraft should be easy. Unfortunately, it can be rather tricky particularly for that mum or dad who are not technical inclined or simply have no idea about Minecraft.

The great thing is, that its complexity to set up reassures its dedication to keep its players safe from others who are also playing it online.

Different types of Minecraft

Yes, there are many types of Minecraft that your child can use and play. This is dependant on the type of device that you use. Please refer to the table below for the right type of Minecraft for your device.

Please note that Minecraft Classic, Minecraft Bedrock, Minecraft for Mobile Devices, Minecraft Windows and Minecraft for Nintendo allow players to play together (regardless of device).


Device or Platform 


Minecraft Classic

  • Windows

  • Mac

Minecraft: Java Edition* 

  • Windows

  • Mac

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition*  

  • Windows 10 (and above)

  • VR Headsets 

Minecraft for Mobile Devices  

  • Apple

  • Android

  • Amazon phones and tablets 

Minecraft for Xbox 

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox One X|S 

  • Xbox Series X|S 

Minecraft for Chromebook

  • Various Chromebook devices

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch  

  • Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo eShop and retail stores (You can also purchase the chip)

Minecraft for PlayStation 

  • PlayStation 4

  • PlayStation 5 

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 

  • Xbox 360 

Minecraft: PS3 Edition 

  • PlayStation 3

PlayStation Store and retail stores 

Minecraft Education 

  • Windows

  • iPad

  • Mac

  • Chromebook 

What device should my child use?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It is best for the child to use a device that they are most comfortable with whilst learning how to Minecraft. This will reduce a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. Once your child develops their skills, the next step is for them to consider using the same type of device that they are using at their school so that they can transfer the skills learned at World of Minecraft to their schooling.

What do I need to consider when setting up Minecraft for my child?

The most important consideration is how will you child play. Minecraft has safety and privacy features which supports parents in comfortably knowing that their children are safe from others. Your child can play either alone (single player) or with others (multiplayer). In order to be a multiplayer, you will need to create a Microsoft account (eg, outlook, hotmail, email address) and sign them in.

Microsoft will allow you to turn your own email into a 'parent account' and create a 'child account' for your child. These settings will direct you to 'Xbox' to allow you to control the single player and multiplayer options.

When selecting a GamerTag (username) , please create a name that wont identify your child's real name - eg, GreenFairy540.



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