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Is Minecraft expensive?

This simple answer is No.

Minecraft / Minecraft Bedrock for an iPad/tablet or phone is a one-off cost of $9.99. Once you download this from the App Store or PlayStore, it will be saved within your account and you will not need to download it again.

If you are download Minecraft Java & Bedrock (yes a 2 in 1), you will only spend a one-off fee of $29.99. This also includes a Minecraft Launcher allowing you to play either version any time you want (

Minecraft Education Edition is FREE. However, please check with your school first if your child has access to Minecraft. All children who attend a public school in NSW has an account. They simply need to sign in using their email address.

Please note there is NO cost to create an account for either Nintendo or Microsoft.

If you need assistance setting up an account, please contact us at



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