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My child is a beginner in Minecraft. Where do we start?

Many children learn about Minecraft from their siblings, friends or from YouTube. And whilst everyone around them appears to be experts in Minecraft, it can be a little daunting for your child (and you whilst trying to help them) to start. Here is a step-by-step instruction to start your new world (for Minecraft Bedrock, aka - normal Minecraft).

Create a world in Minecraft

To create a world, open your Minecraft and click on PLAY.

Then on the next screen, click on CREATE NEW WORLD (see pic below).

Once you click on CREATE NEW WORLD, you are able to control how the world is set up.

Using the navigation on the Left Hand Side, you will change the settings in GENERAL (see below).

Please change your world to CREATIVE and to PEACEFUL. This will prevent your player from dying or finding hard to navigate.

Using the navigation on the Left Hand Side, click on ADVANCED (see below).

Turn the world in a FLAT WORLD by flicking the switch (FLAT WORLD) to the right. This world is much easier to move around for beginners.

Please note that this world is only 4 blocks deep. If you dig through, you will end up in the void and need to fly back up through the hole to your world.

Using the navigation on the Left Hand Side, click on CHEATS (see below).

To activate the cheats, please flick the switch (Cheats) to the right.

Then turn the Daylight Cycle to ALWAYS DAY. This makes it easier to see.

Once you have adjusted all of the settings, click on CREATE - the green button on the Left Hand Side.

Navigating Minecraft

To move around Minecraft, use the control stick on the Left Hand Side to move forward, to the side and backwards. The arrows on the Right Hand Side allow you to fly and land.

Down the bottom is your inventory bar. You can up to 9 items at any time. To access your inventory, click on the 3 dots. To put items in your inventory bar, click on the item and then click on one of the squares in your inventory. You can replace items by doing the same process.

Let's play

The best way to learn how to play Minecraft is through practice. Once you have mastered this level, change your settings from Peaceful to Easy to Normal.

And then, once you have mastered these difficulty levels, you can try to build in an INFINITE world (instead FLAT WORLD).



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