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What is a 'skin' and why is it so important?

You may have been asked by your child for help to change their skin, or to buy a skin or for an app that allows them to create a skin. So why is this so important?

A skin is essentially the character's look and feel that they are using to craft in Minecraft. As a teacher, I could never understand that need for spending so much time in selecting the right hairstyle or the right colour belt. However, it is very clear that the skin that a child selects is more than just a representation of themselves.

The default skins in Minecraft are that of Steve and Alex (pictured below);

Children have the option of modifying these two characters or creating/selecting an entirely new skin.

A Minecraft skin is important to children for several reasons:

  1. Personalization: Minecraft skins allow players to personalize their in-game avatar, expressing their individuality and creativity. Children, like people of all ages, enjoy customizing their characters to reflect their personality, interests, or simply to stand out in the virtual world.

  2. Identity and Role-Playing: For children, Minecraft skins can play a significant role in identity formation and role-playing within the game. By choosing a skin that resonates with them, whether it's a favorite character from a movie, a superhero, or something entirely original, children can immerse themselves more deeply in the game and its narratives.

  3. Social Interaction: Minecraft is often played in multiplayer mode, allowing children to interact with friends and other players online. Having a unique skin can help children feel more confident and socially accepted within the Minecraft community. It can also serve as a conversation starter and a way to bond with other players who share similar interests.

  4. Sense of Ownership: Customizing a Minecraft skin gives children a sense of ownership over their gaming experience. They feel a deeper connection to their character and the world they inhabit, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the game.

  5. Creative Expression: Minecraft is renowned for its emphasis on creativity and building. Designing or choosing a skin is another creative outlet for children, allowing them to express themselves artistically and experiment with different styles and themes.

How to select a skin

To change the skin of a character, you will need to log in to Minecraft. If your child doesn't have an account, they will not be able to change their skin.

On your Minecraft home-screen, click on Dressing Room (beneath your character).

Simply click on each step to change/select your skin. Please note that steps vary using an iPad, laptop, Xbox or PS. Children using Minecraft Education are also able to change their skins.

In all instances, please be careful with purchasing skins. These can be purchased via the Dressing Room and via the Marketplace. These can become expensive (some are over $5.00 each) and unless your child has a connection with a particular skin/character, chances are that they may not use that skin for very long.



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