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We're going to Comic Con!  


The World of Minecraft is joining Comic Con Australia 2024 and we desperately need your help to design our stand!  Use Minecraft to design and build the winning stand to win a family pass to Comic Con to experience Comic Con for yourself!!!  The winning stand will be built in real life and BE the stand we use at Comic Con!  


There are prizes for the top 3 entries.  

Comic COn ad.png

Competition details  


Stand design instructions 

We need to follow the Comic Con rules when designing our stand. So! Our stand should  

  • Be 3 meters by 3 metres (and 2.4m high).  

  • Have a table of some sort at the front where we can serve people.  

  • Accommodate our workers and our customers. 

  • Be able to keep our stock inside AND let our workers get in and out without climbing over blocks! (don't forget, humans can't teleport or spawn in there!) 

  • Not having anything hanging from the ceiling.  


This is a template of our stand: 


Submission details 

Please take a detailed video (no more than 2 mins) of your stand so that we can see inside and outside. Please upload the video using the submission form below. Most importantly, DO NOT delete your world - we may need to ask you to show us certain parts so that we get your winning design 100% right! 

Please save your video as an MP4. 


You can record using 2 methods; 

  1. Record your work using another camera pointing at your screen - please set your screen to 'day time' and ensure that there is no glare on your screen. 

  2. Screen record your screen by either using Zoom or the Xbox recorder (or any other screen recording software that you have installed on your device). 



1st Place -  

A family pass to attend Comic Con Australia 2024  

Your design will be built to become the World of Minecraft stand at Comic Con in Sydney in 2024.  

The stand will feature a Minecraft sign with your name on it, telling everyone that you are the winning Minecraft who designed our stand!  

Photo opportunities with the stand that will posted in our Minecraft HQ, on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You'll be famous!  


2nd Place - A $100 World of Minecraft Gift Voucher (that can be redeemed for Minecraft Club or Minecraft Camp registrations, or to purchase World of Minecraft merchandise. 


3rd Place - Any 2 Large Plush Toys from World of Minecraft's collection (value $50). 


Closing Date 

All videos need to be received by 16th August 2024 (EST) @ 5pm. 

Entry is free! 


 The boring adult bits to know: 

  • You are allowed to enter more than once. 

  • Prizes are to be collected from World of Minecraft. 

  • First prize (a family pass to attend Comic Con Australia 2024 in Sydney) does not include travel, accommodation or additional costs associated with attending. 

  • The family pass to Comic Con is only valid for Comic Con Australia 2024. 

  • The submission form must be completed with all correct contact information so that winners can be contacted. 

  • The World of Minecraft reserves the right to share any entries via its social media channels. 

  • Video submissions can include a verbal explanation of what the build entails. 

  • Any inappropriate images/discussions in the video submissions will be disqualified from entering. 

  • The competition is only open to Australian residents. 

  • Videos must be saved as an mp4.  

  • Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes in length. 

  • You must keep a copy of the world that has your stand design in it. 

Good luck!!!!!! 


Submit your entry

Winners will be announced on Facebook and notified by email

Upload Video File here

Thanks for submitting! Good luck!

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