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Welcome to the self-paced online workshop on how to use Minecraft Education in your classroom.

This online workshop is designed to help you and teachers in your school use Minecraft Education. Please follow each page in order to completely benefit from this self-paced tutorial.

This tutorial is best completed on a laptop or desktop PC. Using a tablet or phone may not give you the sane user experience.

Minecraft versus Minecraft Education

Before we begin, its important to understand the difference between 'Minecraft' and 'Minecraft Education'. This is particularly important when explaining why certain things look the way they do on Minecraft Education. 

'Minecraft' is the original game produced by Mojang. Its players need to pay for an annual licence. This version of Minecraft is not supported by most schools.


'Minecraft Education' is owned by Microsoft. This has been developed purely for educational purposes. The two Minecraft's do not 'speak to each other' and therefore, players cant play in the same world if playing on different Minecraft versions.

The Website

To commence, it is highly recommended that you go to the Minecraft Education website ( ). This website is FULL of resources that will assist you and your colleagues as well as reassure parents that Minecraft Education (and gamification) is an essential technological tool in learning. Please have this open as you read this page.

Downloading Minecraft Education

The QUICK START (purple) button allows teachers and students to download Minecraft Education.  There are a few ways Minecraft can be downloaded:

  1. If you are playing Minecraft Education that has managed devices, your ICT team may be able to push the program to all school devices via a software catalogue. This is the easiest way for uploading the program onto numerous devices (and ensuring that all downloads stay up-to-date).

  2. If you are a BYOD school, your students (and teachers) can download Minecraft Education Edition via the website using this purple button. Minecraft Education is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook. 

Deployment guides can be found here

To check if your device supports Minecraft Education, see System Requirements.

About Minecraft Education

There is much information about Minecraft Education, explaining how the tool works and how it contributes to learning on the home page and in "How it Works". These pages are regularly updated with information each time the tool is updated.

Class Resources

Click on "Teach with Minecraft" and you will be able to access teaching and learning resources. This is perhaps the most valuable section in the website. It provides a thorough overview of of the capabilities of the tool as well as an insight into lessons and the worlds that are available in Minecraft Education. The most recent edition of Minecraft Education no longer requires you to download additional software to use when using Minecraft Education, so all of the resources found here are accessible within the tool.

This self-paced tutorial will discuss how to create/use lessons in the different worlds that are offered. 


This section provides teachers the opportunity to get in touch with Global Minecraft Mentors and Minecraft Ambassadors as well as teachers who use Minecraft Education in their classroom.

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