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To use Minecraft Education with your class, it is best to first set class expectations. I often have my students design the rules that they must abide with. You will hear them say statements such as 'no griefing' and 'noone is allowed to be opped'. This simply means that they dont want other students to destroy their builds (no griefing) and that they would like additional powers (to be opped). Unless you are creating a world that requires TNT, redstone and other destructive materials, there is no need to allow anyone to be opped. Students are very good at coming up with rules that they abide with.


There are a few ways in which your students can play Minecraft Education. You can:

  • Create a World for your class (up to 30 students) and all of your students can join - the best way for collaboration to take place (see video below),

  • Students can work independently in their own world,

  • Students can work in small groups in a world that is hosted by one group member.


There are pros and cons for each of the ways that you can set up a World:


Setting  up your Minecraft Education Classroom

Encourage Collaboration 









What it looks like in the classroom

What it looks like online


Minecraft Education was piloted by year 10 students at Glenwood High School.

Check out their blog and the learning experience of students who participated.

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